2018 Audubon Photo Contest

The 2018 Nature Photography Contest was presented by the Audubon Community Nature Center, Jamestown, N.Y.

This year, the theme was “Natural Wonders: Big and Small”. Adult Division entries, from those 18 years old or out of high school, came from 17 countries and 24 states. Youth entries came from three countries and nine states.

Two of my photographs received Finalist recognition in the Adult Division.

Contest judge Bill Smith observed, “There was an incredible talent shown in many of the images which, while making judging hard, also made it enjoyable to study and reflect upon how they might have been created, why the photographer selected the chosen perspective, lens choice and camera settings.” He went on to say that, “Good photography is not accidental and there is an art to Nature observation,”

My first finalist picture:

066 Style 6 02

“Such a wonderful mixture of realism & abstract in this photo!”


“You have great images that need to be kept at that quality.”

Bill Smith, 2018 Contest Judge

My second finalist picture:

021 07

“Such a nice photo!”


“Well done!”

Bill Smith, 2018 Contest Judge

The pictures of the 2018 winners and finalists can be viewed here: https://www.acncphotocontest.com/2018-winners.html

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